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"Dynamic, practical, and challenging—Vicki shares from a wealth of homeschool experience. She’ll provide a road map to help you plan your trip, navigate those bumps in the road, and reach your homeschool destination."

~ Yvonne B.
Homeschool mom and state leader

Vicki made a 55-year-old woman with toddlers feel comfortable. She kept me sane when I was so exhausted I could not move.
         The best thing she did for me? She helped me see that I was not training my children for a job, but for a future that included God.
                        ~ Terri W., RN/homeschool mom

She has provided counsel, instruction, and encouragement to me at every stage of my homeschooling journey, whether in person or through her writings and workshops. Her experience, wisdom, and knowledge are invaluable assets that I am grateful she willingly shares with women in all stages of life.
           ~ Christie, homeschool mom of two grads

I wholeheartedly recommend taking Vicki's mentoring classes and joining groups she creates. Because of her decades of experience and full immersion in homemaking, home education, and entrepreneurship, she has bountiful ideas that work, methods that create results, and support that elevates.
                       ~ Robin, homeschool mom of five

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Vicki Bentley Bentley

Meet Vicki Bentley, a joyful mother of eight daughters, foster mom to fifty children, and proud grandma to 23 wonderful grandbabies (plus eleven great-grandchildren). Alongside her husband Jim, she's homeschooled 17 children, and her workshops and articles reflect her understanding of the daily challenges facing homeschooling parents.

Since 1991, Vicki has been an integral part of local support group and state organization leadership, providing invaluable guidance and support to homeschooling families in Virginia and beyond. Her 11 years on the executive board and convention committee of the Home Educators Association of Virginia, development of consultant training there, and her 15+ years of service nationally at HSLDA as an educational consultant and group services director underscore her commitment to empowering parents, students, and leaders on this homeschooling journey.

Vicki blogs at and has authored countless magazine articles, as well as such essential books/resources as My Homeschool Planner, The Everyday Family Chore System, Everyday Cooking, and Home Education 101: A Mentoring Program for New Homeschoolers, and she is a contributor to Help! I Just Pulled My Kids Out of School! (Coming soon: High School 101: Blueprint for Success) 

As a sought-after speaker at conferences and online events across the nation, Vicki shares practical insights and encouragement gleaned from her years of experience. Through her workshops, writing, and mentoring, she has empowered thousands of families to homeschool with confidence.

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